The Boats: 52 Series, 40 Series  

Although 52 feet long (15.85 metres) the TP52 is a racing yacht that sails significantly faster than many much larger race boats. This is due to the boat’s high stability, light weight hull, deep keel with a large bulb on the end of it, a big powerful sail plan and the high performance dinghy-like hydrodynamics of the hull.

The class was originally developed in the USA for fast downwind sailing on the Transpac Race from California to Hawaii, but it has since been adopted into Europe and developed as a high performance inshore race boat.

This year's modifications to the 52 Series rule include a bowsprit, bigger spinnakers, a square topped mainsail, reduced crew and heavier keel bulb...


The S40 is fast and technically advanced primarily due to bowsprit design to set asymmetric spinnakers, a clear deck area which has no obstrusive pedestal winches, an all carbon rig, and notable "overhanging" wing style deck edge.

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